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Smartphone Experts PocketPouch

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Smartphone Experts PocketPouch

Product Description

The Smartphone Experts UltraSlim PocketPouch is the thinnest, lightest and slimmest pouch leather case available for the Apple iPhone, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The UltraSlim Pocket Pouch is entirely covered in fine, soft, real sheepskin on the exterior and an equally soft suede lining on the interior. Additionally, a stitched leather band running from side to side has been added to provide an elegant finish as well as to provide more lateral rigidity.

However, even though the leather is undoubtedly great, the best part of the UltraSlim Pocket Pouch is the polypropylene shell around which it is built. Not only has the shell been ‘form-molded’ to the exact contour of the iPhone but it also happens to be only fractions of a millimeter thick.

Furthermore, the real beauty is that the structural properties of polypropylene and its thinness here allow this case to automatically ‘reshape’ after it is squeezed providing an even softer overall feel – where other such cases are extremely rigid the UltraSlim is completely flexible.

Amazingly the combination of the outer sheepskin, inner suede and shell are all so thin that the case only adds about 1mm of thickness (2mm on the sides where the extra stitched leather band runs). Additionally, them case is rounded at the bottom further enhances the sense of ‘compactness’ that it offers.

Because this case is designed primarily to protect against scratches when carrying your iPhone in your pocket, jacket, suit or bag it is smooth all around and does not have any clips of any kind – your smartphone simply slides smoothly in and out of the case via the top opening when you need it.

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