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Seidio Innocase II

Other Apple iPhone accessories by Seidio
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Seidio Innocase II

Product Description

The Innocase II from Seidio features their unique soft touch "rubberized" surface and is less than 1mm thick but provides a strong layer of protection and excellent grip for yourApple iPhone .

This slim and sleek case also features cutouts for all of most Apple iPhone features, including the touch screen, and will easily slip into your pocket or purse.


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Star Star Star Star Star great case
User: josh s, Jan 13, 2010
Pros: small, light, fits in holster perfectly
Cons: -
great case, fits in the innocase holster perfectly. The combo is kinda expensive, but it makes for the best one handed easy release holster around. Case material is not too grippy, probably just right. I like it.
Star Star Star Star Star Great, versitile case!
User: Nicholas L, Sep 23, 2009
Pros: Slim design, good coverage, outstanding fit and finish
Cons: Could be a little grippier
There is a reason that this is a popular case - it is very slim, the fit and finish is outstanding, and it does its job very well. The color choices are not the most dynamic, but if you want something outlandish this is not the case for you. This is the case for someone who wants a premium product that does not add bulk or distract from the original iPhone design. If you do not need maximum protection (like an Otterbox) I would highly recommend this case to anybody.
Star Star Star Star Star This Case is Absolutely Great!
User: M G, Jul 14, 2009
Pros: slim design, texture, and resistance to oil, dirt and scratches.
Cons: should come with a small clear protector for the exposed apple logo
I have been carrying a iPhone for over a year now and I have purchased no less than 8 casesduring this time. I will tell you that the Seidio case mentioned in this article is by far the best one I have ever used. First off I got the blue case and it looks awsome with my white iPhone, this is the only case I’ve had that really makes me glad that I chose the white iPhone instead of the black one.

The felt lining inside of the case is a very nice touch and the feel and look of the exterior is oustanding, I have been using this case every day for over two months and I swear it still looks like it did the day I baught it. Oil from my hands, dirt, and scratches have been easily wiped away from this case. The two piece design is very easy to put on and take off for easy docking or to just wipe down my iPhone every other day or so. Its slim with a low profile and yet it still has a great lay on the table design.

The openings in the case around the apple logo on the back of the phone and the controls show off just enough of the white color of the phone and contrast very well with the color and texture of this case. I purchased the black clip by seideo to go a long with this case and I love it too, it also lined with felt and holds the iphone very close to your body. The cased iphone pops in (faced inward with logo showing) and out of this clip very easily and yet it seems quite secure. Another thing I discovered about this clip is that it will also hold the iPhone with out the seideo case (faced outward) if you wanted to use it that way.

If you try this case you will not be disapointed, its has a very slim design, great look, great protection, and I fully expect it will look like a brand new case for a long time considering the fact that after more than two months of carrying mine it still looks perfect no fading, scratches or blemishes what so ever.

Since seideo did not include some clear protection for the exposed apple logo, I did have to make a small circular protector from one of the many screen protectors I had gotten free with one of my other previously purchased cases.

Star Star Star Star Star Amazing!
User: Kevin L, Jul 10, 2009
I had previously ordered a different case where I spent almost $50 and this case absolutely blows it away.

Like all previous posters state, this is a thin case. The material doesnt seem cheap and it looks slick!

Its nice to see the Apple logo in the back also.
Star Star Star Star Star Outstanding case
User: Alan G, Jun 26, 2009
Pros: Perfect fit, comfortable to hold, adds very little bulk
Cons: None
I have been using Innocases on each of my last 3 PDA phones (always paired with Seidios holster designed specifically for use with the Innocase). I have always found the cases to be a perfect, snug fit, adding very little bulk to the device. The finish makes it very comfortable to hold - not slippery like the backs of some devices.

When I ordered my iPhone, the order for the Innocase was placed at the same time. I am pleased to see that it continues to be a consistent product, offering all of the same benefits Ive been accustomed to!!
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