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iGrip Universal Fit Vent Mount

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iGrip Universal Fit Vent Mount

Product Description

If you are looking for a sturdy vehicle mount that attaches to your vent, then look no further. The dual-clip design ensures the mount will stay in place in any vent. It offers road warriors a great hands-free option.

The holder is sized to maximize functionality and look great in any vehicle. The padded sides protect most Apple iPhone, and move in and out with the push of a single button.

Expert Review

Score 4.3Score 4.3Score 4.3Score 4.3Score 4.3 iGrip Universal Vent Car Mount
Reviewed by Casey Chan
If you’re like me, you have absolutely no clue where to put your iPhone when driving. If I keep it in my pocket, when I get a call I’ll have to struggle to take it out. Do I put it in the cupholder? Ah, I have drinks there. Should I put it in the passenger seat? It might slide off when I make a turn.

Well this dilemma is easily solved with the iGrip Universal Vent Car Mount. This car mount solution offers easy access to your iPhone and manages to offer protection with some soft cushioning on the sides.

My iPhone has finally found a comfortable place in my car that is both easily accessible yet non-intrusive. If you are a frequent driver, I would definitely recommend this Vent Car Mount because it offers a seamless way of storing your iPhone while driving. Also, the adjustable nature of the case allows many slim fitting cases room to fit in the cradle. One suggestion to iGrip, however, is to extend the maximum width so thicker cases can also fit. I would consider this a BUY for any driver who has been looking for a home for their iPhone.


User Ratings & Opinions

Avg. Rating
Score 3.3Score 3.3Score 3.3Score 3.3Score 3.3
192 total ratings
(5 reviews)
37% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 51
19% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
9% rated Score 3/5 Score 3/5 Score 3/5 51
9% rated Score 2/5 Score 2/5 51
26% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Universal mount for iPhone 3GS
User: Kay N, Jun 15, 2011
Pros: excellent mount
Cons: it is a little difficult to remove it from a vent once it is in place.
This is a versatile vent mount. I actually use it for my Blackberry Torch. I purchased this mount for my daughter and her iPhone originally. I drove her car for a week and discovered it worked great with my BB, so I bought one for myself. My daughter loves it for her iPhone as well. Great product.
Star Star Star Star Star Universal Fit Vent Mount Rocks
User: Gerald R, Feb 25, 2011
Pros: Perfect and Adjustable fit for most any depth vent
Cons: Could be a little wider to better acomodate iPhone with a Case
Saw several other mounts in the store, but held out for this one because of recommendations and price. It was worth the wait.Snug fit in my BMW 3 series. Perfect for use with a power cable and GPS. Helps me keep my eyes on the road while using very basic functions.
The only thing is i wish it was just a little wider in the adjustment. While it does accommodate my iPhone with case, it is a tight fit and I am concerned that foam padding will eventually come away from the side grips.
Otherwise this is a very clean mount that matches the clean lines of my interior.
Star Star Star Star Star iGrip Universal Fit Vent Mount for iPhone 3G - 4G is SUPER!
User: Rick H, Feb 2, 2011
I noticed the name of the product is iGrip Universal Fit Vent Mount for iPhone 3G, BUT I ordered it for my iPhone 4. We travel a lot from Ohio to Florida. We have two must-have apps for traveling: TomTom and iExit. We needed a good solid system to mount and unmount my iPhone 4 to use the apps. I was somewhat nervous when I ordered the vent mount because I could not tell IF I could hook-up my iPhone 4 to my cars power. When I got the product I was happy to find it has two bottom support frames that slide off then back on to support the weight of the iPhone in the mount and allow for the charging cable to be attached to the phone.

My iPhone 4 is also in an incase sliding protector, but there is still room to attach it to the mount.

GET THIS PRODUCT if you travel. Along with the TomTom app, iExit app, and the iGrip Universal Fit Vent Mount product - you will be GOOD TO GO on your next ROAD TRIP!
Star Star Star Star Star Works well
User: Thomas G, Dec 20, 2010
I was not sure how well the unit would fit when I bought it, but it fits well and holds my phone securely.
Star Star Star Star Star Not a quality mount
User: Curtis M, Feb 16, 2011
I purchased this to mount in my car to easily take in and out, of one car and transfer it to another. First time I placed it in the car to test out, my iPhone barely fits in it. The clip once in the vent does not sit at a appropriate angle, to remove the clip from the vent takes an act of congress and tools to get it off. Just not happy with it at all!

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