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iBOLT iProDock 5 for Lightning Connector

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iBolt iProDock 5 for Lightning Connector + Apple 3ft Lightning to USB Cable
iBOLT iProDock 5Apple Lightning USB Cable
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iBOLT iProDock 5 for Lightning Connector

Product Description

Keep your iPhone 5 in a secure and easy to view position when driving. Easy to insert and remove the phone with a 1-hand motion, and no more charging cables to insert every time you step into the car. It works with most cases too!

Benefit from optimal cell phone and GPS signal strength by keeping your phone in the windshield area where both GPS satellites and cell phone towers can "see" the phone.

The iProDock 5 is designed for cars featuring either a USB iPod compatible port or a Bluetooth system supporting A2DP (Advanced audio streaming). Note that the aux-cable is not accessible while the phone is in the car-dock.

By connecting the lightning cable (sold separately) to the USB port in the vehicle once, or pairing via Bluetooth to the car-stereo (if A2DP is supported), the iPhone will automatically connect to the car-speakers and play your iTunes music, GSP turn-by-turn directions and all sound from applications. Just make sure the car-stereo is set to “USB/aux-in”. Always step out of the car with a charged battery as the Lightning Connector will provide continues charging.

The iProDock Plus is designed to work with most case models, up to the thicker Otterbox Commuter type models. It is not compatible with Lifeproof and Otterbox Defender as they have a “backward” flip.

Use the iProDock as a dashcam and capture high res video while driving. The design of the Dock leaves the camera view free and the 70 mm ROK Suction Mount provides a vibration free driving experience.

Attach the ROK Solid mount to windshield or use the included disc to attach to top of dashboard. The industry standard 17 mm ball joint can be used with any mounting solution designed for Garmin. The optional iBOLT AMPS plate makes the iProDock compatible with vent mounts from ProClip or leather mounts from KUDA.

Use with your preferred Bluetooth hands-free solution, or as a speaker phone, for a complete hands-free driving experience!

Lightning cable not included.


  • iPhone 5 car-dock with integrated connector
  • 1-hand motion for inserting and removing phone
  • Works with most cases
  • Vibration free driving thanks to ROK solid mount
  • Stylish and modern design, looks great in any car

Please Note: Aux-cable is not accessible while the phone is in the car-dock.

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Star Star Star Star Star Great dock
User: Chris V, Sep 25, 2014
Pros: Nice adapter for the charger, easy one handed use
Cons: Difficult to remove with one hand without pulling out the charger
This is a great car mount that I used daily with my iPhone 5S. The nice design allows it to charge while being used, although it can be a little difficult to pull the iPhone out without pulling the plug with it.
Star Star Star Star Star Very good car-dock for the iPhone 5
User: Bernt B, Mar 1, 2013
Pros: Sleek looking, 1-hand insertion, works with cases
Cons: Takes a day or two to figure out, instructions could be better
I received my iProDock a few weeks ago and so far its been great. My original iPhone cable fits perfect inside the "housing connector" and it is impossible to pull it out or move it once its set. At first I placed the white rubber piece/bushel upside down (better instructions neeed iBOLT!) inside the connector housing and the Lightning Connector would come out when removing the phone but after I changed it its rock solid. There is absolutely no vibration when driving and the Mount has stuck to the windshield even after 2 weeks of winter cold here in NY with morning temperatures in the 20s. I use an Otterbox Commuter but I had to cut the "flap" to make it work. Great to have the USB cord permanently connected to my car-stereo for sound and charging, it takes literally one movement to insert the phone. The only drawback is that the balljoint goes backwards when inserting the phone in an angle so I figured out it has to be almost perfectly vertical when inserting and removing and then its fine. Overall a 4.5 product but I give it a 5 since its the only real car-dock Ive come across. Overall really good quality.
Star Star Star Star Star Good dock but not very usable one-handed
User: Adam S, Feb 23, 2013
Pros: Keeps lightning cable in dock at all times and out of your way
Cons: It doesnt hold onto the lightning cable hard enough to detach it from the phone when removing from the dock
I really like this dock because it keeps my lightning cable in order while Im not using it and even makes docking my phone and charging it at the same time into a single action whereas it used to take two separate ones. The only thing I dont like about the car dock is that it is not as usable one-handedly as I had hoped. The clamp that keeps your phone in place is quite stiff (for good reason obviously) and usually requires me to hold the dock while I put my phone into it so that it doesnt tilt up (even with the back fastened as tight as it goes). I also experience problems removing my phone one-handed because the dock does not hold onto the lightning cable tight enough to remove it from the phone. So I usually hold the dock and cable with one hand and pull the phone out with the other. I am thinking about super-glueing the cable to the inside of the dock and I believe/hope that will solve this problem because it truly is irritating. After I do that, I think I will appreciate this dock a whole lot more.
Star Star Star Star Star Just Satisified
User: Jack C, May 16, 2014
Pros: Suction cup is very strong and remains attached to windshield when others have fallen off. Securely holds phone in place. Omni directional mount is convenient.
Cons: Lightening Connector pulls through dock every time I disconnect, very annoying.
Great item except for the lightening connector pulling through the dock every time I disconnect. The dock is a little difficult to get phone attached but, this does keep the phone securely in place.
Star Star Star Star Star Good Product - Needs a Bit of Tweeking
User: Jack C, Apr 7, 2014
I like this product with the exception that the Lightning to USB Sync Cable pulls through the Dock occasionally when undocking my iPhone 5. I did use the double sided tape but it still has a tendency to pull through. Seems like this could be designed better so as not to require the use of the tape.
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