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Griffin Technology Clarifi Case

Other Apple iPhone accessories by Griffin Technology
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Griffin Technology Clarifi Case

Product Description

Clarifi is no ordinary polycarbonate case. That's because, when the details matter, Clarifi's built-in lens gives your iPhone 3G a boost in camera resolution.

Slide the Clarifi lens into place over the built-in lens of your iPhone 3G. Your macro and close-up shots are instantly finer in detail, more accurate in color. With Clarifi's lens, your iPhone 3G can image an entire business card with astounding clarity. Slide the lens aside for normal photography. Without Clarifi, the iPhone 3G requires about 18 inches to focus properly. Slide Clarifi's lens into place and you can move in to 4 inches for crisp detail and great pictures.

And, of course, Clarifi is also a super-protective case, constructed of durable polycarbonate, with cutaways for access to power switch, headphone jack, volume controls, and dock connector. For use with Apple Universal Dock wells, Clarifi features Griffin's trademark EasyDock design: the bottom third of the case slides down and off to fit in standard dock wells.

  • Protective polycarbonate case.
  • Close-up lens focuses close for incredible detail; perfect for capturing business cards, document text.
  • Lens slides in place for close-ups, then back for normal photography.
  • No adapters or small pieces to lose; the lens is built in.

Expert Review

Score 5Score 5Score 5Score 5Score 5 Griffin Clarifi for iPhone 3G
Reviewed by Chad Garrett
If you are looking for a case that enhances your close-up iPhone camera photos, is slim and dockable then this case might be for you.

I think this is one of my favorite cases to date! It is basically the Case-Mate Dockster but no leather, and added clarifying lens! If you need a slim case that’s durable and has the added benefits that I describe here, then the Griffin Clarifi is for you! One of my favorite cases!


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